HCYSC will host competitive Division II tryouts at Veterans Memorial Park on May 16th and 18th.  Players are encouraged to attend both nights.  Please bring a ball, cleats & shinguards, and water.

Girls 5:30 - 6:30 U10-U13 (Birth Years 2005-2008)

Boys 6:30 - 7:30 U10-U12 (Birth Years 2006-2008)

Girls 6:30-7:30 U15-U19 (Birth Years 1999-2003)

Div II teams may conduct (with advance approval by the HCYSC Board) two team fundraising events per year.  HCYSC Board will need information as to the type of fundraiser, the dates for such fundraiser, the amount of money earned, etc.

Div II teams must provide a monthly accounting report to HCYSC at the monthly meeting.  The accounting information must include all monies taken in from any source (parents, fundraiser, etc.) and all monies expended. 

Playing Time
All players must play 50% of each game. 

Referee Representatives
All Division II teams must have 3 certified referees who have agreed to represent their team for the Fall season.  A referee can represent only 2 teams.  Each referee must complete a minimum of 7 games.  Teams without referee representation forfeits their advancement to Eastern District.