Birth Year Change Info

Starting this fall (2016), Hardin County Youth Soccer Club (HCYSC) along with all other clubs and associations will form teams based on the birth year (January 1-December 31) and not the format (August 1-July 31) that has been used in the years past.  HCYSC found out at our state meeting in February 2016 that this change would take effect in the fall.  We have been working on this to ensure we have an easy transition.  We have started fall registration early and will be forming teams earlier.   Please know that the HCYSC Board has been working on this since we found out and have been trying to do what we can to make this next fall season run as smoothly as we can with this new change.

This change will only affect a handful of kids.  The players that have been playing up a year, may be playing up 2 years now.   We will be contacting the returning coaches to discuss their team with them. 

Please be aware that if your Coach returns to coach his/her team this fall that he/she coached last fall, his/her core players returning from last fall will be grandfathered in and the Coach will keep his/her team.   For example, a U10 team that has 10 players returning from last fall to this fall, with birth years of 2007 and 2008, will remain a team.  If there is a play up that has a 2009 (U8) birth year, that player maybe moved off the team to an age appropriate team, unless the board, coach and parent think it is ok for the child to stay on the team.

Another example is if the coach has a child on the team and say that child is a 2008 (U9) birth year, then the coach will have the option of playing his child in the proper age group (U9) and then all the 2007 (U10) players would be placed on a different team because they are too old to play on the 2008 (U9) team.  Or the coach could keep his child playing up on the 2007 (U10).

Again, the only players that are playing up will be affected and a few others that decide to play in their actual age group and not play up (a U9 parent may want their child to play on a U9 team and not move up with their team to U10.

When the parents register their child, the child will be placed on their same team unless the parents request a different team.  We form teams fall to fall so the core players from last fall that sign back up, will go back to their core fall team as long as the coach is returning and they sign up before teams are full.

Additionally, a new player can play-up on a team to be with their school age, if the play-up is requested.

We are in the process of looking at teams and will be contacting the returning coaches to meet with them to discuss their plans for their child/team and then we will go from there.

Please be patient as this is a big rule change and we are trying to make sure everything is done for the safety and best interests of the players.

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